Cooper Announces Reelection Campaign

Cooper Announces Reelection Campaign


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January 3, 2021

Jim Cooper seeks re-election to Olympia City Council 

Jim Cooper is excited to announce the launch of his campaign for re-election to the Olympia City Council Position 7. During these tough times, we are making the right choices for the Olympians who need the most. We are, in fact, in a better position than so many communities across the nation. But there is so much more work to be done. 

Our national politics have made what Olympians already know more obvious: government requires experience, and the tenacity to put great new ideas into motion. With experience in both and a decade of serving Olympia Jim will focus largely on building equitable solutions for the problems that face us. This will include leading and building on the following work:

  • Race, gender, housing, childcare and income equity. As the number of our neighbors without houses have ballooned in the last few years, we are finding solutions. The Home Fund has been a successful start, allowing us to break ground on the Martin Way shelter and supportive housing. This will reduce the number of Olympians sleeping on the street, but we need so much more. The needs are getting larger as we add the pandemic to the national housing crisis. We know housing, income, and childcare are intertwined and present a larger burden for people of color and for women; Jim looks at these issues through that lens.
  • Climate and Open Spaces. We owe this to future generations, and the time to act in defense of our climate is now. A regional climate plan is set to be accepted this year, one where Olympia stands to take strong actions to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. It is our responsibility to preserve the beauty of the South Sound including open space and farmland, while making our communities' buildings and transportation systems more efficient by reducing waste. The pandemic has made it even more clear how important it is for us to have open spaces available and accessible to everyone in our community, as so many Olympians have taken refuge in our parks, trails and sidewalks during this time. Jim will continue to build on his long history of climate leadership.
  • Public Safety. In the coming term the council is positioned to work with the community on reimagining public safety in our community. We will listen to the community and  then take action to dismantle systematic racism. No one is safe unless all of us are safe.

This is all overshadowed by the health and economic impacts of the pandemic, and Olympia is well poised to lead the region in a strong recovery. To quote President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris we are well positioned to “Build Back Better” through new and improved ways to help families and small businesses succeed, while improving on critical infrastructure to better meet the needs of our community. 

Olympia has proven cities can successfully do economic development in a balanced approach focused on people, environment and fiscal outcomes. Jim will continue leading that forward momentum as we recover across the region. 

A virtual campaign launch is planned for early March, and more information about Jim’s campaign and accomplishments can be found at