Cooper is the leader we need

Cooper is the leader we need

Thank you to Former Olympia City Councilmember TJ Johnson for writing this great letter to the editor! 


Cooper is the leader we need

T.J. Johnson, Olympia

As a 25 year resident of Thurston County, I understand that the people we elect as our County Commissioners play a major role in shaping our quality of life and our local economy. That is why I am delighted to be supporting Jim Cooper for County Commissioner.

Jim is smart, passionate and pragmatic, and will provide the values based, balanced leadership we need to ensure that Thurston County remains a great place to work, play and raise a family. He understands that protecting the environment, building a sustainable economy and creating a more inclusive and responsive county government are all essential cornerstones for a great community.

As a political independent, I appreciate that Jim has had the courage to take tough votes as member of the Olympia City Council, and that he is not afraid to stand up against political party pressures.

As a small farmer, I know Jim will provide the leadership we need to protect our remaining farmland and support the small farmers, food entrepreneurs and non-profits working to build a stronger local food system.

Several of the other candidates running against Jim call themselves “independents” or state no party affiliation. Don’t be fooled. They are wolves in sheep clothing, and their real agendas are to roll back common-sense environmental regulations and cut funding to essential public services.

Quality communities require quality community leaders. We are fortunate that Jim Cooper is willing to step up to that challenge. Vote Jim Cooper for County Commissioner.