Healthy People and Places


Create healthy people and places that make Thurston County the best place to live work and play.

As a community we are much stronger and healthier when everyone has basic needs met like food and shelter in safe neighborhoods, as well as access to parks and recreation, arts, adequate health care and mental health services. We know some members of our community need permanent supportive housing in order to be independent productive citizens, and I am proud to be participating in creating new supportive housing for veterans in Thurston County.

Beyond meeting the need for emergency and long term shelter, we need a stronger focus on mental health and substance abuse services, including prevention and detox services. I am committed to working with providers and the community to find better ways to address these issues and increase the efficiency of how we spend our tax dollars.

Opportunities to play outside and learn artistic or sports skills is critical in healthy development, and our rural residents deserve more recreation opportunities. I’d like to begin revenue-neutral recreation programing so rural residents can learn or connect with nature more accessibly. This is possible through partnerships with the existing city parks and recreation programs.