Housing is a Basic Human Right

By: Meg Martin - Nonprofit CEO

I am many things. I am a person who loves people, I am a bridge builder, I am married to a downtown business owner, I’ve gone through significant struggle, I am a professional social worker and a neighbor who believes that no one should be left behind in our community. I am someone who cares deeply about housing, but I also care deeply about climate, equity, and open spaces. I am totally devoted to the wellbeing of our downtown and I’m down there every day!

In order for economic vitality for all people, we must ensure that every person has a place to call home. Jim is someone who understands this. In order to get to this necessary place we must take action to meet the immediate needs of people on the street and plan for long term solutions to our housing affordability crisis on all levels.

The City of Olympia has taken significant steps in this direction over the past 5 years under the leadership of councilmembers like Jim Cooper. Support for creative, out of the box solutions, such as Micro Housing and designated sanctioned encampment spaces due to lack of shelter beds, providing hygiene and garbage services to unsheltered residents of our community, supporting the construction of a supportive shelter co-located with 65 apartments of permanent supportive housing to create efficiencies in construction and operations costs to serve more people, but most of all taking a firm leadership role that this is an issue which impacts us all.